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SF Webmasters - Jordan L. - 09-11-2010

Group name: SF Webmasters
Group image: [Image: sfgroupbackground.png]

Membership Requirements:
  • Fifty (50) posts
  • Webmaster skills - [Forum construction | Website construction | Hosting skills] etc
  • Moderating skills
SF Webmasters strive to improve the skills and knowledge of others, and yourself, on website construction, forum construction, hosting skills, bug fixing, upgrading/downgrading, theme and template modification, forum management teams and much more.

Webmasters ensure high quality support for all members of, whether they are part of the group or not. As a member, you will have access to tutorials, tips, support and assistance of many subjects, whether it may be:
  • MyBB Installation
  • Theme and template modification
  • Bug detection
  • How to install plug ins
  • Choosing Staff members
  • Creation of rules
  • Legal issues
  • Best hosting for you
  • Tips and tricks (General)
  • Articles written by members
  • and much more
SF Webmasters aren't only for the experienced and advanced, it's for the beginners. As a group that is dedicated to assisting members, we welcome the amateurs, the experienced and the gurus.


The Elite
Project Evolution
Tyler Allen

To join:
[color=#DAA520]Nickname / Alias:[/color]
[color=#DAA520]Webmaster knowledge (Starter/Amateur/Advanced/Guru):[/color]
[color=#DAA520]Why you want to join:[/color]

If you are accepted you will be contacted through private messaging.

- trilo

RE: SF Webmasters - The Elite - 09-11-2010

What a great group, extremely happy to be in it.

RE: SF Webmasters - NekoChan - 09-12-2010

Nickname / Alias: NekoChan
Webmaster knowledge (Starter/Amateur/Advanced/Guru): Amateur/Advanced, not sure.
Why you want to join: Because I love making communities and websites.

RE: SF Webmasters - Project Evolution - 09-13-2010

Nickname / Alias: Project Evolution / Anthony`
Webmaster knowledge (Starter/Amateur/Advanced/Guru): Probably in the Advanced category, im still exploring other things in web development but I sure know how to do more than the basics.
Why you want to join: Because I love doing what I do, I have been involved with websites for a while now and have been apart of both small and large sites as a staff member and as a developer. Since awarded Support Helper of the Month on the SMF community, I have and still can provide advanced support to anyone using SMF, and some beginners advice to using MyBB.

I also beleive I have extreme potential in moderating a forum, not only do I have experience from moderating a communities with hundreds of active users a day, but also had the experience of moderating many smaller communities.

RE: SF Webmasters - Fragma - 09-13-2010

Nickname / Alias: Fragma

Webmaster knowledge (Starter/Amateur/Advanced/Guru): I would say intermediate. I have knowledge with using the MyBB software (I know my way around the Admin CP quite comfortably) . I can create basic custom MyBB themes. I can create website templates through Photoshop and with the .psd file, can create a basic, but fully usable website.

Why you want to join: I would really like to expand my knowledge further perhaps mostly in the following subjects:
# Choosing Staff members
# Creation of rules
# Legal issues
# Best hosting for you
I would also like to learn more about website security.
I feel being part of this group would allow me to learn from more experienced members but also would allow me to share what knowledge I have with those who may need help.

RE: SF Webmasters - saumil - 09-14-2010

Nickname / Alias:Saumil
Webmaster knowledge (Starter/Amateur/Advanced/Guru):Advanced
Why you want to join:Because I am seo expert

RE: SF Webmasters - Harvey - 09-14-2010

Where did my application go?

RE: SF Webmasters - Lord_Scorch - 09-14-2010


Nickname / Alias: Lord_Scorch, Saged, Nicodemus-

Webmaster knowledge (Starter/Amateur/Advanced/Guru): Guru when it comes to moderation. Advanced regarding the internal system.

Why you want to join: Seems like an idea group - it has the similar mindset as I do.


RE: SF Webmasters - !!* Alone Vampire *!! - 09-19-2010

Nickname / Alias: !!* Alone Vampire *!!
Webmaster knowledge (Starter/Amateur/Advanced/Guru): GURU.
Why you want to join:I have been in this field for 2 years now and have a pretty vast experience now.

RE: SF Webmasters - tomynho - 09-20-2010

Nickname / Alias:Tomynho
Webmaster knowledge (Starter/Amateur/Advanced/Guru):Amateur/Advanced
Why you want to join:I always wanted to be a moderator of a successful forum, that's not too big, but not too small. This one seems to be the best, because it's not full of trolls, etc.