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Full Version: Laptop - Should I?
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So I did a little business with a company and I can order any laptop from that I want Smile

Should I buy this on? I'll add to it so I have 4GB ram...

Sure, why not? I mean, it's a great price, even though the processor is a little bit on the slow end. It's okay, though, because 3gb innate RAM is quite great. Also, that HDD isn't that bad, either. Two years ago, I got a $700 (I believe) HP laptop for my birthday, and it only has 1gb of ram, a dual-core intel 1.73GHz processor, and 111gb HDD, which is fine for me, but, in comparison, it makes that laptop look like a steal ^^ So, yes, I think that this is definitely worth getting Smile Good luck.
Nice price at an average machine.
I got the same spec, but a slighty better graphic card and a 19 inch screen.
That's a terrible price. Get an ASUS... They're like Alienware, but not overpriced as fudge. $1124 (with tax) for my ASUS. 400GB HDD, 4GB DDR3 RAM, nvidia geforce gtx 260M (cuda 1gb) graphics, 2GHz processor. built in cam and microphone, came with vista enterprise
It would be a good ram, although I wouldn't focus on the ram. I'd bet on an i7 instead...
Don't worry about the price. It's free for me ;)
If it's free then why the hell not? Smile
Yeah, it's a decent price. I would go for it. I would trade my laptop for that one. xD
For the price and for it having 3gb ram and vista business i say go for it!

that is where you should get a laptop.
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