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Full Version: Check your SEO score and website details
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SEO(search engine optimization) is the most useful technique to get a high PR (and high traffic too).

Many of the bloggers like me are unaware of pros and cons of search engine optimization.So how do you optimize your website to get the maximum juice out of the search engine?

Ofcourse, Who doesn’t like to have their page on the front page of the search engine.The higher the SEO for your site the better it is for search engines such as Google to show your site on their site.

Here is the website that check your SEO :

Enter your site and see what is your SEO. You can make you SEO score to 100% by changing text, description, keywords on your meta tags etc. tell you how to get 100% SEO just follow the instruction that they say.

Source : google
This tool will only give you a vague starting idea. Smile Good to use but not something you want to live and swear by. Smile
Already knew about this but thanks for posting.