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Full Version: Action Replay help?
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Basically I just got my brothers action replay DS, and in a fit of nostalgia mixed with the need to spend money, a lot of boredom and child-like tendencies I decided to buy pokemon heart gold.

Trying to get the AR to work;;
All I've had is problems..I remember he used to use it on windows vista 32 bit fine.

I'm running:
Windows 7 Professional
64 Bit

It's showing up as 'other devices' in device manager, and when I go onto the update/connect to computer thing on the actual game it doesnt show up in the code manager.

I've tried multiple 'tutorials' on youtube, and none seemed to work, though I may have been doing something wrong.

If you can show me/point me to a good guide/do it on teamviewer for me I'll..Make you a signature or sexual favours or whatever.

I'm thinking of going back to XP...Thoughts?