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Full Version: I Miss Sega Dream cast
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So I was thinking today about the good old gaming days, and I really mis the sega dream cast. Did anyone else every play this?

I really liked gauntlet dark legacy. I was always the Jester.

Do they make Gauntlet for xbox? I would so buy it. I think it would actually sell if it was made more up to date with better graphics and xbox live etc.

So does anyone else miss this system and or game?
According to Wikipedia, Gauntlet Dark Legacy was released in 2002 for Xbox.
Sweet, I might actually get it. Although, Games aren't much fun without the multiplayer aspect.

I still think it would be a cool game to remake.
Yeah I was really into the Sega dream cast but Nintendo 64 soon took over my love for that consoleOui
nuthing beats the sega game gear
always loved that thing
i gotta find one of them again
sonic spin ball was sooooo much fun lol
Sega Dreamcast was my first system I owned.It was a pretty amazing.
me too Sad i remember when i used to play House of The Dead 2 with my cousin and we used to rape crap up.
I never actually had one. I didn't start video gaming until the ps2.
(07-15-2010, 07:33 PM)Sparky Wrote: [ -> ]I never actually had one. I didn't start video gaming until the ps2.
wow. you are not a retro gamer at all.