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Full Version: >>> The Game <<<
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Hi guys,

I want start this Game!


Someone asks a question of any kind, then the second user replies with YES or NOT.


1 user: Do you like to play football?

2 user: No!
Do you like stay at PC?

3 user: Yes!

............ and so forth

Do you want have fun with me? Tongue

So, let's start!!!!

Do you like SupportForums?? (this is simple!!!)

Do you like pancakes?
Yesss,,,Now i go to eat one! Tongue

Are you a funny person?
Yes. .
Do you like to join ? :p
Yes. .
Do you like to join ? :p
Maybe! Tongue

Do you like waffelz?
do you have a girl friend?
Yep, she very naice! Tongue

Do you like Eminem? Smile
Yup,die hard fan
you from russia?
Nope, UK.

You from the UK? Smile
Have you checked