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Full Version: Another CO.CC alternative..
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This is one more site that I found on the net that give you free domain extension of

I don't use it because I've my owned domain but I think some users in this board maybe can use it.. You can get the extension at :

Not only this but many others are there too.
(04-10-2010, 02:09 AM).:xX[ThunderStorm]Xx:. Wrote: [ -> ]Not only this but many others are there too.

Yeah, there are more alternative out there..
Hey post all other website's too.
(04-10-2010, 03:28 AM).:xX[ThunderStorm]Xx:. Wrote: [ -> ]Hey post all other website's too.

I don't remember the other site.. =.='
Ah.This website it very common and I have used it months ago.
Many more websites are :-

and many more.
Hey Guyz You Can Also Try

I have also found here a new resource where you can create your own free domain extension through CX.CC

CX.CC provides these services "Free domains, Free DNS, Free Hosting, Free Whois, Free or the Paid Advertising into the Marketplace, Affiliate Program, SEO, Premium Domains and completing the how to guide intended for Internet Marketing strategies and techniques."
Thanks for the share bro, i am pretty sick of LOL
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