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Full Version: I guess its not heathly.
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I wan tto know if this i shealthy or not. Recently a lot of crap has been going on in my life. And "Freinds" really haven't helped me when i needed them too either. I rencently, (20 minutes ago) just actually realised that i spent the last hour holding a switchblade in my hand, and thinking of all the areas of the body that death comes easily. The thought of actually doing it did pop in a few times. I dismissed it though.

Not normal. Maybe take a few days to just think about your life, and maybe see a counselor.
1)Its what i am doing. 2) Been there done that, got a t-shirt.
I remember one time I was sitting around for like 30 minutes with a trench knife thinking of what I could do with it, though I was bored. But, I don't really think it's very normal imho.
Normal by what terms. It's thinking, and that's all. Actually stabbing yourself would not be normal by what's considered normal. So yeah.
The fact that you sat there for an hour and then realized what you have been doing just shows you were in deep thought(somewhat sinister thought) it's normal, as long as you weren't thinking about yourself killing a specific person, and as long as the thoughts just popped into your head.
I wasn't. I was just in a trance, and yet the knife was there.
Aristole, i've known you for quite a while man, and over the past maybe year i've seen your emotions and life getting really messed up. And it worries me bro, while i know that there is not much i can do, i STRONGLY suggest seeking some sort of help in these matters. Please.
I find when I have problems that are difficult to deal with I break the problem into the smallest steps towards overcoming the problem then work through these one at a time. Even though you may know you will come to a step where you can't continue, by the time you get there something might arise and it feels better to be working towards a solution any way. It is difficult to work out these little steps if your problems are because of relationships but you just need to work out what you can do to improve the situation.
Heres the think KTM, i've done this all my life. Compared to some of the things i've done to keep myself sane and able minded, its nothing compared. It probably going on the sane side. If anything.
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