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Full Version: My server
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Well i was playing around, saying we have too much computer crap, my dad game me two old compaqs.

So i'm gonna start them up soon Big Grin After i find out how to open em to see what they have :p
Will post pics aswsell Big Grin(
[Image: IMG_2565.jpg]
[Image: IMG_2566.jpg]
[Image: IMG_2568.jpg]
[Image: IMG_2567.jpg]
I love tinkering with old hardware.

They look like P3 boxes to me, with SDRAM ideal to mess around with and get some servers up.

Good luck, just make sure you know what you're doing before you mess around with it.
Very nice! Good luck with that and i hope you know what you are doing and dont break these servers Big Grin Servers is very useful too have even use for home Smile
You could make good use of them Tongue

I always love getting hardware like this.
Hello, 41Shots.

It's fun playing with old computers. Have fun!!

Weird last post lol Tongue Very formal.
(04-07-2010, 05:22 PM)Sam Wrote: [ -> ]Weird last post lol Tongue Very formal.

Hello, Sam.

Are you talking to me? Well, if you are that's cool, lol Oui.

Yeh I was, again very formal. You like to post pro don't you? LOL Tongue
(04-07-2010, 05:27 PM)Sam Wrote: [ -> ]Yeh I was, again very formal. You like to post pro don't you? LOL Tongue

Hello, Sam.

I guess I do like to post pro Oui.

BTW, Your a funny guy Smile.

I'll stop trashing this thread, sorry!

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