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That is such a adrenaline pump, if you happen to have a power monster with RWD, it is just awsome...
(01-08-2010, 07:07 PM)redeyedpride Wrote: [ -> ]i have been driving my dads 09 f-350 all week, it snowed everyday this week , i enjoy drifting and knowing im taking up the whole road sideways Smile

Why your dad's? Go buy you own, don't abuse other people's stuff.
because i dont have 60 grand for a new truck ? if i had 60 grand id buy a house
Round-a-bout = Circle in the road. Usually joins an intersection of 3 or more exits. Sometimes put in stupid places to slow traffic down.
Never tried drifting but it seems fun.
Lol the video is very good orange that is the best drifter to me Smile.
It's a great feeling
But i think drifting on snow is for Puss ! The Master is the one who drift on real roads
Snow doesn't change the fact that it takes a certain level of skill to maintain controll. Just because I have a truck that can burn the tires, doesn't mean that I want to watch $200 a tire go up in smoke.
i am going tomoro to my friend, he lives in some god-behind-boots place and i there is a lot of dirt and space.. Gonna do some drifting and gonna post here Smile)
That's some crazy ass drifting.

Drifting is fun, and especially if your out of control
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