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Full Version: CPannel Forwarding Problem.
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I recently converted my dad's business' host over to

Its very cheap and seems to be running fine.

At the moment we are waiting for the DNS to proper gate on their end so we can actually view the website, and receive emails.
As you are guessing, we can't wait around for this because a fair chunk of the business is run through the emails.
To get around this I made some temporary emails on Hotmail, and set up the email accounts on the new server to forward to those Hotmail accounts.
The problem is, when i set it to forward to the mail daemon bounces it back saying the account doesn't exist!
When I remove the forwarding settings it works fine and the email is in the squirrel mail inbox. This is an issue because we can't access the mail box directly!
Anyone have any ideas?
The other account forwards fine.
Try setting up a Gmail address and having a go. I know cPanel is picky with which free email providers it likes.
DNS seems to have 1/2 updated.
The emails are trickling through.

If I have to do it again I will try gmail. Thanks Grizzly.
Yeah, that's another thing. DNS can take up to 72 hours to finish propagating.
Which is freakin gay.
My ISP does it every 3 minutes or something.
It CAN that long, it never takes over a day for me; it shouldn't do that much harm.
Yeah, my ISP does it every couple of minutes as well. My host's DNS updates everytime a new cPanel account is created or an addon domain is added. Usually I just register the domain, add the nameservers, create the cPanel account, and start uploading right away.