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Full Version: Do you think I should buy it?
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Yea I wouldn't buy it save your $$
(10-05-2009, 07:20 PM)Elektrisk Wrote: [ -> ]I'm from Oklahoma, not Arkansas ^^

hey, screw you im from arkansas lol.

and im with everyone i have a 36 inch and im happy with it i wouldint go with 72 thats freakin crazy
I'm not sure but isn't this already an old thread?
Yea, I think you should buy it should be a good investment.
You should buy 42 inch HDTV instead and save the remaining for investment ..
save your money and get a car in 2 years, chicks like cars more than big tvs in your room. Why would you want to have a big tv like that if you didn't have a chick to share it with, in your room, btw buy a lock for your door if you don't have one.
No, save up, if you don't in a year you'll be like "ZOMG WHAT I DO WITH 71 INCH TV NOW?!?!?"
i'm 14 and i don't ave a tv in my room.
save up, or you'll regret.
Yes, a 71' TV isn't really necessary. If you really want a new TV go with a 32-50' thats HD.
Good luck, but if I were you I would save up for something other than a TV.
I would buy a smaller TV, then you can still have some money left over.
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