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Full Version: How to check broken links?
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Can someone tell me how to remove broken links? Any input is welcome.
You first need to check your website broken links using various online tools. You can then contact the webmaster to restore the link immediately or use a 301 redirect for the link so that you do not lose value to your keyword. Broken links are harmful for your keyword ranking.
A broken link is a link on a web page that no longer works or available online. Which means the link of that website is permanently moved or your firewall is blocking access to that link or maybe the website is down.
Are you looking to find broken links for your website are any competitor then choose some tools which is helps to you
Iweb check

V Brand Developers

you can find more free tools from google search... easily find broken links
There is lots of tools out in the marketing, I'm using SEO Powersuite to check the broken link in the website
There are many tools available online that check broken links such as brokenlinkchecker, you can try.