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Full Version: Suggestion: Improve post quality
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Well as this is and will be an english speaking community, I have an idea how we can improve grammer and the reast of the mess.

So why don't have a place where you can post something, just like this post I'm posting right now!
Anyone who is good at grammar, etc.... (crap, I need to google the word every time. Big Grin ),
tries to correct if s/he can and explain the errors to the poster.
I don't get it....
So what you mean, is have a section were people post a post, before actualy posting it in the section, and then some person good at grammar would fix there mistakes?

If thats what you mean i dont think that would work, There would be far to many posts when the community grows and we wouldnt be able to keep up with it, My suggestion is to copy it into word and let it do it magic.
Let's say you're native language isn't english, now you work on your homepage.
When you write text on your homepage, blog you want to post it with less mistakes, you wouldn't post something to talk about.
You can post something you plan to publish (edit: outside of SF), get that well written as much as the community can and will help!
Not a good idea imo it's uselss,foreigners can just type whatever they want on their homepage or whatever using their own language.
(11-16-2009, 05:15 PM)PaNiK Wrote: [ -> ]Maybe you should check your spelling before making a thread about grammar and the like.

You can see this as help with english homework for example.
(11-16-2009, 05:23 PM)PaNiK Wrote: [ -> ]Like peer editing? Things like homework help can be posted in the OSHIT area. I bet someone would be glad to help you out.

Yeah ok OShit is fine to, I guess.
Quote: Maybe you should check your spelling before making a thread about grammar and the like.

His native language is clearly not English, and I think his mistakes reinforces his suggestions. Although I have no opinion about the actual suggestions :p
Seems more trouble than it's worth. Not sure how many would actually do that.
I also think that people would spam post in there to increase there post count, and once post count got disabled in that section alot of people would stop helping.
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