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Full Version: How to shut down a computer with a cell phone
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1. First, you need the batch files to perform the shutdown. You can find them with a simple google search.

2. Extract them to your C:\drive so the path to shutdown batch file is C:\sms_function\shutdown.bat
3. Open outlook. Now we will need to make sure it updates the inbox every 60 seconds. You can do this by clicking tools, then click options.
4. Then click Mail Setup tab, then the Send/Recieve button.
5. Make sure that the "Schedule an automatic send/recieve every" box is set highlighted, and then set the number of minutes to 1.
6. Now go to "Tools: Rules and Alerts", then click the options button in the upper right hand corner and press the "Import Rules" button.
7. Now select the shutdown.rwz file you got off google.
8. Now, when you send an email to that email address with the subject smsshutdown%% your computer will shut down.
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