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Full Version: Which game have you spent the most time on this year?
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So I was thinking about which game I've spent the most time on so far this year, and I really was not too sure.

I'm mainly a CoD player, so I spend most of my time playing the latest CoD, but this year I didn't really like Ghosts; causing me not to play it often. I think the game I have spent the most time playing would be CoD: Black Ops 2. A lot of my gaming time was spent doing Zombies easter eggs with my friends and if you didn't know, most of the easter eggs take a couple of hours each.

What game did you spend the most time on this year?
My time used to be consumed by Halo 2 & Halo 3, but that was years ago. This year I find myself not playing much video games, but the ones that I've been playing the most is Fifa 14, Payday 2, and Skyrim.
I am not sure Dota 2 or CS : GO Big Grin but i think i spent more on GO.
It's either Team Fortress 2 or Super Smash Bros.
Probably Terraria as funny as that is.
I'm so late, but that game is amazing.
Nothing but GTA Online Tongue, I love killing noobs!
I've played soo much Ghosts offline. Trying to get teeth is impossible.

I'm late and I suck, but Yolo.
I bought an Xbox One last year and all the most popular game franchises are being released at around this time of the year, so I have been most fond of "Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare". At first, I didn't quite enjoy it because I couldn't seem to get to grips with the special abilities, such as strafe jumping and whatnot, but I'm lovin' it now!

It's a toss up between Halo 3 and Splinter Cell: Blacklist. Those two games are among the best ever made, in my opinion.
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