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Full Version: What's your favorite browser?
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This infamous browser war thread.

I am an avid Opera user since version 4. Before that I was using Netscape Navigator. As a webmaster I do have the major browsers installed and I test using them frequently but Opera is by far the most useful browser with the most innovations.

What's your take on browsers?
I am a firefox user myself. I have used most with the exception of opera which I have been meaning to try.

Until a superior browser that supports addons is released I'm sticking to it.

I can't live without them.
Mines are chrome, firefox and opera, firefox is the most advanced, because it has alot of addons and it's fast, chrome is super fast and not so cluttered with tool bars, opera is fast and my most favorite.
Have use Opera in the past and liked it but nowadays I tend to use Firefox.
Speed, addons and the way it looks are the main reasons why I like it so much.
Firefox, add-ons are a must.
I was using Firefox since I first double clicked IE icon..duh...

I really like Opera and it's simple yet beautiful design, the speed dial is also great.
Chrome is nice but I don't use it much...

and last SpaceTime wich is a great idea
I use Firefox.

If Chrome supported addons, then I'd switch to it completely.

I've tried Opera, but didn't really see the 'addon' system sufficient enough to replace Firefox's. It was fast though.
I use FireFox. I have used all the wide known browsers, and FireFox is the only one that I really found myself feeling comfortable with.
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