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Full Version: Feeling violated
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I've never used forums until now. I feel the need to vent and to get the word out about being robbed, not only of personal items but dignity as well. I'm 26 years old and I typically don't go to parties. I do social drink which consists of going to a bar or friend's house, having some drinks and enjoying good company. However, I did end up going to a NYE party because I could not afford going out. I knew a few of the people there, one of which is a best friend of mine. All of the people seemed to be decent, genuine people or so I thought. I sat my purse down for a few seconds and someone grabbed it. I had personal information in there along with credit cards and a brand new Galaxy S4. I was in complete disbelief when I realized it had gone missing. I automatically thought to myself, how can someone do something like that? And then I realized that there are some lowlife people in this world. People who are so unhappy with who they are, that they feel the need to bring others down with them. It's sad to think about but it's reality. I'm not mad that I lost a ton of stuff. I'm upset because I feel extremely violated. Whoever stole my purse now knows all of my information on my license and has access to pictures and stuff on my phone. Material items can be replaced but my dignity cannot be. I have never had to deal with anything like this before, maybe that's why I am taking it so hard. I feel down and depressed and now feel I have to second guess meeting new people. I have always had trust issues but this just puts the icing on the cake for me. I just want someone to talk to, maybe someone who has gone through the same thing or someone who has good advice on how to deal with this issue.
Hello Notrust87.

That's a very unfortunate situation you went through. I'm sorry to hear about all of your belongings. Don't let this one issue get in the way of meeting new people in the future. Everybody gets something valuable taken from them at one point or another. I recently had my iPhone 5 stolen while I was at the club two weeks ago and I was feeling really sad too, but it's important to move on and look past these unfortunate events. May I ask which kinds of pictures you had on your phone? If they were nudes that's nothing to be ashamed of, most women I know have nudes of themselves on their phones. It's 2014 for Christ's sake! Your dignity is not stored in your phone, but rather in you.

If you would like to talk more, by all means please contact me. Otherwise, best of luck and don't let the assholes of our planet get you down.
To be honest that must suck. Hopefully you feel better and possibly even find out who stole your purse.
I have had my house robbed from my sister ex-boyfriend before, so I can kind of relate. Just knowing someone has been though all of your stuff is a bad feeling.