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Full Version: Jagex invests millions to curb RuneScape
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Jagex has made a multi-million pound investment in its flagship MMO RuneScape in an effort to halt DDoS attacks disrupting its servers. The title has suffered from such distributed denial of service attacks for over a year, but the company said it has recently experienced a sharp increase from RS 2007 Gold( This has casued players to disconnect from servers and prolonged lag.

Jagex CEO Mark Gerhard said this was acceptable down to the abatement of clandestine servers and its efforts to barrier booting and gold agriculture. As a aftereffect, the flat has fabricated a multi-million batter investment into its all-around IT basement as it attempts to accord with connected attacks. The developer is aswell alive with aegis providers to eradicate the affair and to yield acknowledged activity adjoin those amenable.

Gerhard has aswell assured players that no claimed advice has been acquired as a aftereffect of such attacks. "This is - abominably - a growing affliction aural the industry that abounding online caseplan attempt with, and RuneScape appears to be one of the better targets," said Gerhard.

"Motives for ablution these attacks assume to alter, but the end aftereffect is the aforementioned. The aciculate access in attacks does tie carefully with abatement of clandestine servers, bots and gold agriculture, so it would chase that this is in animus for antibacterial their businesses. This has aswell aftereffected in an access in adolescent users at awful forums like 'buga buse' DDoSing and burglary from abounding alone players, demography acclaim for RuneScape account outages.

"I capital to yield this befalling to assure you that we accept, are and will abide to plan endlessly, preventing as abounding of these attacks from affecting your gameplay as we can. We accept afresh fabricated a multi-million batter investment in our all-around IT basement to Buy RS Gold with the connected attacks and are alive with a amount of account and aegis providers to eradicate the affair absolutely. We are aswell alive carefully with common law administration agencies to accompany the humans amenable for these attacks to amends."