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Full Version: Any suggestions, if any
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I would like to start off by saying that back in June, my diagnosis was changed from Schizophrenia to Schizoaffective disorder(Schizophrenia and Bi-polar) with sever and chronic emotional disorder. And one of the things that I extreme anger due to how a person treats me. Some people just brush it off, but when someone says something that I should brush off, I just keep pushing the issue they brought up and I admit that less than 30 seconds I want to kill that person. But I have enough self control not too, so nobody has to worry about that. What effective ways can you suggest, like any ones that work for you, that i can try to better control my anger so I wont dwell on it all day?
ok, i see how it is. i guess nobody has anything. or you all just dont give a crap at all. thats the last time i will ever try to get help from others. fudge YOU ALL