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Full Version: Nervous, scared, and confused.
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(I had this all typed out, but then my internet crashed and erased it all.)

Hello. My name is rose. I would like to get this out in the open, where i could maybe get the opinions of others to cope with the issues i'm having. First ill start off by briefly (as possible) telling you a bit about myself. I'm 15, i'm very shy, self conscious, i have very low self esteem, i have very few friends, my mother tells me how abnormal i am all the time which obviously isnt helping my issues at all, and many other things. I'm very scared because in jsut 9 days, I have to start back to school. To most people, this would not sound like a big deal. To me, however, it is. I remember last year's first day. My very first day of highschool. I was so nervous i was physically shaking, almost to the point i thought i was going to pass out or fall. Unsure I also had more friends last year than I will this year, so that means even less people to help me cope with my nervousness. I'm afraid people are judging me constantly, which I know sounds silly. My school pictures are in a few days (on the 16th) and i'm sure i'll see a good majority of the people i go to school with then. I'm just very confused and scared as to how to handle my crazy and nervous emotions. I know i probably sound weird, but I honestly need options of other on this. My family just doesn't care at all. Any help would be apprciated, thank you.
Interesting. I've had these same feelings in the duration of my High School career. Not to the point of shaking, but to the point of being so uncomfortable around groups of 3 or more that I had to leave the area or I'd have a nervous breakdown. This changed drastically after I began to smoke cigarettes about 3 years ago. However, I lost a certain degree of sensitivity to people and their needs. I lost sensitivity to life in general. I've now been 5 days without smoking and these same feelings you're having are returning again. I have not yet figured out the solution to these problems, however, I'm quite sure it requires you to be comfortable with your insecurity. Thereafter a natural confidence will ensue. A confidence more sturdy and unshakable. Just give it time and whatever you do, don't resort to drugs or external devices to alleviate the issue. Also, let yourself give in to the environment. Don't let it control your thoughts and emotions. Just kind of begin to find the feeling and flow of the environment.
On a psychological or scientific basis, I have no earthly idea what this is indicative of. If you're truly concerned with this, you need to pay a visit to a professional.
I can't say I know how you feel, Rose, but I know many people like you. It's funny how many people actually do feel this way, but just hide it surprisingly well. What helps me is that I remember everyone else has problems at this level as well. I talk to them about it and although most people try to block it out or ignore me, I have made a few friends like this. You're not alone, Rose Tyler (Doctor Who reference ;]).
You have anxiety, quite severely too. You exhibit all of the symptoms. Have you considered seeing a psychologist? I was in your shoes in grade nine, i saw a psychologist for a few months and i was able to overcome the hard parts because of it. In regards to how to handle it, a visit to your family doctor is a good start bud.
All the views are helpful to improve yourself. I hope you will try to do this.

wish you all the best.