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Full Version: ipad mini e-mail
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Hi everybody :

Would Apple be updating their IOS to be able to receive e-mail on both my Desktop AND my ipad mini ? I've noticed on IOS devices (I have both an iphone 3GS and an ipad mini), that there is a choice as to where I'd be able to receive my e-mail. If I set up my e-mail on either my ipad or my iphone, I won't receive any e-mail on my Desktop. On my Desktop, I'm running Windows XP Pro/ 32-bit. With AT & T as my ISP.. I set up my e-mail on my iphone 3GS, and was able to receive e-mail on my phone. But, my incoming e-mail on my Desktop wasn't updated with new messages. Apparently, IOS devices dominate e-mail servers. So I deleted my e-mail account on my iphone 3Gs.
I remember a setting that can fix this on desktop email clients...I'll check my iPhone and see if there is a comparable one for iOS.