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Full Version: windows 8 frozen on start up (Windows 8 logo screen)-can't restore system
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[UPDATE]: So after a few more failed restarts, I disabled virtualization in my Bios and my laptop started normally. Still don't know why virtualization would have caused the problem.

I have a Lenovo Thinkpad T430 running on Windows 8 Pro.

I wanted to use Hyper-V as a virtual machine and went on to turn it on from the Window's features. But one of the options was grayed out so I had to go to my Bios and turn on Virtualization. After my laptop booted back up everything was okay. But I couldn't start a virtual machine from Hyper-V yet so I started looking online to see how to do so and then I fell upon this guide: (download word document, that's where the directions are).

The guide basically told me to add a few lines of code to Powershell and Command Prompt, basically turning some features on. And I restarted my laptop after that like I was suppose to. This is where it froze. The Windows logo screen came up and then the spinning circles would stop and nothing happened for the next 30 minutes or so.

So I force restarted a few more times, and on the third restart- Windows Diagnostics came up. It eventually prompted me to do a system restore so I agreed to do so. But then it went to the Windows logo screen (this time w/out the loading circle dots) and stayed there for- frozen once again (gotten to this point 3 times, once I waited 30 minutes with no result)

I've been running Lenovo Diagnostics to see if its a hardware problem but I haven't come up with anything yet. And it seems like there's no way for me to access the Windows recovery tools- and if there was it seems like its doesn't restore.

Anyone have any advice- I'm completely dumbfounded and lost.


8gb ram
i5 @ 2.8 gHz
Nvidia 5400m
(if you need more let me know)