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Full Version: Car troubles please help
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A couple weeks ago, i took my car to a mechanic shop to get the tranny looked at for a reason why my car jerked when changing gears, they told me $895. I agreed and they dropped the tranny and called me and told me that it was going to cost $1500. I told them to put it back together I didn't want to do it. When I got the car back, it didn't want to shift past 1st and got the dreaded E (error) on the gear selector and a check engine light. Reverse still works though. The car barely accelerates despite high RPM's. Now the car is constantly stalling when I put it in gear. Could the faulty tranny be causing my car to stall out? Thanks.
Could be the tranny, could be the wiring, could even be a computer or sensor problem. There's no way to tell specifically unless you get up in there and look. They didn't tell you what it was?

Assuming there's no transmission or oil leaks of any kind, and your engine is completely fine (throttle cable, vacuum modulator, etc., all check out) then my guess would be that you have a gear or bearing problem, or quite possibly your clutch is worn out. All of which are expensive repairs.

EDIT: Could be a solenoid problem, too, now that I'm thinking about it. Or another problem somewhere in the linkage. I don't know transmissions very well tbh, just the general stuff.
They told me a bunch of stuff such as bad torque converter, and bad solenoid (known). A computer scan results in all transmission codes. It isn't pulling any codes for anything engine related. I get a solenoid pack error, a speed sensor error, gear shift ratio error (4th and 5th gear, car can't even get up to those gears anymore). What else has me mind boggled is why the fans are coming on so loud. It seems to correlate when ever the E and CEL comes on the gear selector and dash. Would a video better assist you?