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Full Version: Can't boot MSI Wind U100 Netbook
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Netbook MSI Wind U100
No optical CD/DVD disk drive
OS: Windows XP Home (Pre-installed)
Purchased March 12, 2009

Problem Description:
Boot brings up the white on black screen with the options of Safe Start, etc.
Whichever option selected (or, if no option selected, then after 30 seconds) - restarts and brings back that same screen.

Solution Attempts:
1. Tried to change BIOS parameters (by hitting Del during startup), enabling/disabling one by one each parameter. In vain: same behavior.

2. Tried power-off (pressing the power switch). then disconnect the power cable, then detach the battery, then reverse the procedure and power-on. Same results.

3. On purchase the computer came with two original disks:
- NOTEBOOK (Driver, Utilities, Manual)
- Recovery DVD
Since I don't have an external optical CD/DVD disk drive, I copied each of the disks to a DiskOnKey and to a SD card, and tried to reboot from each of them, by changing the startup order during reboot (F11):
- No option to boot from SD card
- Starting from DiskOnKey brings up error message that says it isn't a system disk.

4. Power on with the power switch. As soon as MSI logo appears, press F3 for several seconds. Recovery to Factory Settings starts, with all sort of warnings. Approved all. Machine pretended to work hard for several minutes, and then - - - guess what: it reverted back to the same white on black screen (see Problem Description above).

So, we are back to square one. What next?

I don't mind losing all my data: It's backed up on the cloud.
I just want to revive the computer, with its pre-installed OS of course
(hate to throw more money and buy Win-XP again).

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