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Full Version: 5.1.1 Untethered in a Few Days
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You don't realize how long everyone in the community has been waiting for this.
Pod2g tweeted that it would be only a matter of days.
It's also safe to update your iDevice to 5.1.1.
Ionic predicts it will come down this FRIDAy!
It will most likely be released as Absinthe v.2.
Grin, Skype me, my iPhone wont restore ;( I might get a new one, but I need help!
Oh. Put it in DFU then restore. Big Grin
THe untethered jailbreak is scheduled to come out tomorrow. FOr all that are excited. Big Grin

Sam I see you reading it. POST!
I am excited. I may or may not jailbreak my 4S, I have to think of a reason to do it.
IT'S ON the greenpois0n site.
Absinthe v2
This has been out for a while on Redsn0w? I got it for iPhone 4 for long time ago o.o
K, when I posted it, it was fresh/..
An IOS 5.1.1 jailbreak?!

Finally, yes!
Time to jailbreak my iPhone 3G lol

Why did you bump this? Newb.