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hi guys , hope u all be fine , guys i want a program for editing videos , i want to remove some parts and place some other videos as a part for the video , i mean i want to add some other parts to the video that i want !! and i want a free or with cracked one Big Grin . so thank you for answering Smile
guys please answer me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i need it soooo much
After Effects
Sony Vegas
Final Cut

If you're wanting a link to a cracked version, you won't find that here.
If you want a free solution to those above, use Windows Movie Maker. It's terrible, but free.
(05-08-2012, 12:02 PM)BreShiE Wrote: [ -> ]If you want a free solution to those above, use Windows Movie Maker. It's terrible, but free.

Agree with BreShiE here.
Windows Movie Maker works and is free. Its not the greatest application for the job but it works just fine if you have 15 hrs to wait for hit to convert lol.
But seriously try Windows Movie Maker.
Windows Movie Maker works fine to be honest.
If you're looking for something simple.. I'd use Windows Movie Maker. However, if you're looking for something complex with amazing effects.. Adobe after effects.
Use Windows Movie Maker.
If you're going to Record Screen, use Camtasia.
It has a great editing interface with it.
More advanced = Sony Vegas, Cinema 4D, or Adobe After Effects.
Hello Friends,

You can only remove videos that you have uploaded yourself. To report abuse, harassment, inappropriate content, or privacy complaints, please visit the Safety Center. For copyright concerns, please visit the Copyright Center.
To remove one of your videos, follow the steps below. Remember, video deletions are permanent!
1. Sign in and click on the arrow next to Upload at the top of any YouTube page.
2. In this drop-down menu, click Video Manager.
3. Check the box next to the video(s) you'd like to remove.
4. Then, click the Actions button at the top of the page. From the drop-down menu, select Delete.

Thanks and Regards,
Agili Ron
Any video editing program can do this, e.g Sony Vegas