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Full Version: How Long Can You Play Games In One Sitting?
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I have several friends who can only play games for an hour or two tops before having to get up and do something. I've always thought that their brain must not be able to function at a fast pace for long periods of time. However, i'm not like them. I can literally sit and play games all day if that's what i truly desired and no effect.

Are you guys like my friends or like myself?
Even I can play games all day long.
(03-29-2012, 01:13 AM)Kewlz Wrote: [ -> ]Even I can play games all day long.

Good to hear someone else is normal lol. I never have understood it.
I can sit and play video games as long as I want really. I even forget to do some pretty important crap because of it at times. If I allow them to, video games can consume me haha.
I can't play for any longer than an hour before getting bored.
I average 1 - 3 hours daily on TF2, in one sitting. The trick is to talk to people if you can. ;)
A couple of years ago, I could spend all day playing. Now, I can play for about 2-3 hours playing but with no desire and slowing down.
For me, I can only play games for an hour or two before I get bored. I take a little break, and then continue, and so on.
Really depends on how interesting the game is and how much time I have.

I doubt you would nolife Tetris the whole day, after few hours you call quits and jump out of the window.

Latest game I nolifed for a whole day, with occasional smoking pauses, was Super Smash Brothers 64 on PC with my best friend.
I cannot play for to long, or I'll get tired and think I'm wasting my time. So like one or two hours.
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