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I currently have Insignia speakers. They're ok speakers actually, i got them as a present for Christmas. A downfall is...
  • They don't have much bass to them

Other then that, i guess they're pretty good for the price they were. What kinda speakers do you have?
I have some JBL Creature II's. Cost me around £80 I think. I'm very happy with them and would recommend JBL to anyone wanting some decent computer speakers.
If you're using them with an iPhone, iPod or iPad, use the Bass Booster EQ in Settings.
I've got these speakers that i've built myself. They can go up to 180db without them blowing out if I wanted them to.

[Image: Nr7yK.jpg]

*I put my dog in front of it so you could see how big the drum is*
[Image: HUOP1.jpg]

[Image: j1m3A.jpg]

[Image: Nr7yK.jpg]
Lol, aww that dogs cute. I need to get my 15'' sub fixed.
lol i like how your dog is in the picture just chilling there.

That your right hand man?
Not sure about my computer speakers, since my parents bought them like 7 years ago, they are quite good tho.
Great bass and everything, will update when I am home.

For our LCD we have a Sony Entertainment System, which is epic. 3D sound and bass is just freakin WIN.
Thats a cute dog, I wish I had oneTongue

Those speaks are FHUGDE
(03-02-2012, 06:12 PM)[M] Wrote: [ -> ]Thats a cute dog, I wish I had oneTongue

Those speaks are FHUGDE

They are 21" from rim to rim on the drum itself that fits inside the box. But when I built them with my background from being a sound technician growing up, lol you can have the biggest drums you want, but the real power comes from the back piece. The magnets in those things... I was fixing something on them and I had to use a pry bar to get the metal half of my screwdriver off of them.
Dude your dog looks so awesome, I always wanted a big dog like that Sad

OT: Those speakers are nice too lol, I just use either the TV built-in speakers or a gaming headset Sad
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