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Full Version: Your first game system?
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Mine was a Gameboy color. Then The Xbox, Ps1, Xbox 360, Ps2 now back to the Xbox 360 where I stay (:

What about you?
Mine was a Playstation 1. I got a Gameboy shortly afterwards, but all the best memories came from that awesome system Roflmao
Gameboy COLOR. I'm pretty sure that was everyone my age's console. And even if it wasn't, it was.
Mine was GameBoy DS ... It was the best during my time! Smile
Mines was the SNES. Those were the times...
Mine was the original Xbox :p good times...good times
As a child I loved playing many different consoles. MY first console was a gamecube. I remember my mom going to the store and buying it for my brother (as I was very young at the time). We went and once we got home I looked at the back of the box and there was many different games that looked interesting for me. I then became attached to it and am still attached to video games. In my opinion, they are very fun and addictive.
The first console i ever had was a commodore amiga when i think back it was highly annoying the amount of times the damn thing crashed and had to take the floppy disk out and blow the crap out of it and clear the dust just to get the game to play again bad times. However now i play the wonderful Xbox 360 and i <3 it LoL.
Mine was the original Game Boy;
My first gaming system was the N64. I love it insanely and still play it today occasionally. If you have not played it, Get it for cheap and give it a try. It is still fun to this day!
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