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Full Version: Which is the best free youtube editor?
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I need some free editor thats fast and does almost everything preferably one thats easy to use,I googled and got two of these but wasnt pleased really,so I opened this up.
thnks for any help =)
I use Camtasia Studios. They have cracked versions out the Blackhat
I always used Windows Live Movie Maker.
Just thought maybe you could do some professional things on that too if you knew what you were doing lol
I use a adobe premiere + camtasia & fraps for recording.
Youtube itself has a relatively decent editor. Other than that, go with Adobe Premiere.
Yeah adobe premiere is a really powerful tool for doin this kind of work but its kind of hard to get your head around but if you have the time to learn such then i would defintly go with adobe premiere.Thumbsup
Adobe Premiere is a great tool for such things
I think camtasia is the best tool/app for video editing.
i personnaly always use camtasia Big Grin its beastly
You can get the cracked version of Sony Vegas.
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