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Full Version: How to Strip the Audio Track from a Youtube Video
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How to Strip Audio From Youtube Videos

Hello fellow SF members. I am sure many of you already know of this method but i would like to share it with those who don't.

Note: The audio will be saves as an mp3 file.

First of all, find the Youtube Video from which you would like to extract the audio.

Copy the URL and then go to this website: ListenToYoutube

Paste the URL that you copied earlier into the box that asks for it, choose standard or high quality and hit "Go".

Allow the site a little bit of time to "grab" the audio (The longer the video, the longer this process).

At this point, you may or may not be presented with an ad. If you are, simply click "continue" in the upper right hand corner.

Click "Click here to get download link" and you will then see a button that you must click to start the download.

That's all there is to it! It really is a very time efficient method.

Hope this helps some people!
I just use AE and disable the audio from that channel. Easy enough, and takes virtually 2 seconds to do while you're finishing off your edits for the video at the same time Smile
I don't mean "remove" audio, it just rips it. For example you find a song on youtube with a video over the top. You can rip the song from the video.

Try that one then, works for many other sites as well
i am aware that there are many other websites that can be used but i am just trying to make a contribution.
Hello Friends,

The Video Editor is a free tool on YouTube that allows you to edit your own uploaded clips and others to produce an entirely new video. With the Video Editor, you can:
1. Combine multiple videos and images you’ve uploaded to create a new longer video
2. Trim your uploads to custom lengths
3. Add a soundtrack from our library of approved tracks
4. Customize clips with special tools and effects

Thanks and Regards,
Agili Ron