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Why Can't you Do?

Lmfao, guys it's so easy.
Give me all you got. >:D
Hm. This is cool lol.
I can type in rainbow too!
Muhahahahaha, I am going to have to keep this site on my bookmarks for more uses!
HA HA HA. The gay rights thing was funny as crap.
Since this is a useless test thread anyways, i'd like to inform people not to trust the OP here as he's just another scammer. Been waiting on a payment from him for 2 months and over a month from the time I was supposed to get the payment back after several delays that were evidently just lies. OP lied to the moderator about something I didn't even confirm with the guy about a thread that he wanted re-opened which got closed upon my request in the first place, and since the time I thought he was a decent member here he's turned into a complete a$$ with reference to the way he's responded to members here at SupportForums before his bandate (which had now been renewed for at least the second time by Sam. I'm surprised that this isn't yet a permanent ban). He's been given too many chances for things that he's done purposely and carelessly in my opinion.
SupportForums is awesome!
I love this stuff
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