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Full Version: Access Denied Drive
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OK, I have an external hard drive, and I've had it for about 4 or 5 months, and I have a ton of data on it! But now I can't access it! It shows up in the computer window, but there is no memory bar thing like there is for the main drive, when I go to properties, it says there is no memory on it, no used, no available.
When I try to access it, I get an error Labeled "Location is not available" and the error says " E:\ is not accessible

Access is denied."

Please help! one of things I have on there is a ton of pictures from all over the web! It would take me almost littery 20 years to replace it all!


A friend has helped a little. He says A Pic had a trojan horses. I am doing scans, and am changing permitions to let me back in, but Windows incountered an error in a file that is labeled "preconfigared" with access denied. This is not good cause I put the items that were already in the drive when I got it in there, and I believe It has a few nessicary files, how do I change it so I can get in!?


OK, I'm in, but I have a few files that I keep getting "access is denied" errors. How do I get access?! I'm the owner of the File too!
I personally would run a virus scan on that drive and see what you find for starters. Then post your scan here so we can look at it.
I did, with two different anti-virus programs, and neither found anything.
What anit-virus programs did you use If you dont mind me asking?
'Malwarebyte' and 'Avast!'....
What kinda of files are getting accessed denied errors?
Um, Different kinds, but the ones I am most conserned about have pictures, and a few documents. But I did manage to get change the permitions of Of some of them, One file at a time.
So when you change the file permissions you are able to use the file? If so, instead of doing it one by one check this link If you dont have any virus's on that drive I would write a batch script to change all the file permissions.
I don't know If I do not have any virus, as some can escape detection, but being in safe mode seems to let me to it all at once.
If you can recover your pictures in safe mode, I recommend salvaging all the files you think are important (and you can't get back). Then, scanning with malwarebytes one more time. After that, make a new profile then give it admin rights (All in the control panel, should be managing account, I don't quite remember but I did have a vista for 5 years). Then change your profile to standerd user, restart your computer login to the new user account. After that, delete your old profile as you please =D!
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