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Full Version: PHP Video Tutorials (PHP For Beginners)
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PHP Video Tutorials
By Eleqtriq

Hey guys, if you are interested in learning PHP then I have decided to create a playlist of video tutorials for learning PHP. I really enjoy making auditory learning videos and I hope that you guys can find use in them. I always try to explain things in depth and consider my audience when doing so.

I want to take requests directly from the forum and then make videos about it. So if you have trouble with a certain function, just reply here. Or if you have a project idea, reply here. I'll be happy to make mini-series videos on things like creating a guestbook or a forum or anything else.

Below are the videos that I currently have on my channel. The project started on the 5th of October 2011 and I hope to keep on uploading tutorial videos. Make sure you Subscribe to my channel if you want to keep updated.

#1. Introduction
#2. Installing XAMPP
#3. Installing Notepad++
#4. Hello World
#5. Variables
#7. Single Quotes and Concatenation
#8. Math Operators
#9. If Statements
#10. Else and ElseIf Statements
#11. Comparison Operators
#12. Logical Operators
#13. Arrays
#14. While Loop
#15. ForEach Loop
#16. GET Variable
#17. POST Variable
#18. Functions
#19. Date and Time
#20. Explode
I'm learning Python first, then I may look into this, nice post. Smile
TheNewBoston is also a good PHP teacher Smile
(10-05-2011, 12:53 PM)BreShiE Wrote: [ -> ]I'm learning Python first, then I may look into this, nice post. Smile

I hope you find them useful when you do Smile
Thank you for posting this. I am planning on starting learning PHP and hopefully this will be helpful