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Full Version: Need Opinions On Newest Project Please!
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Check this area out on my forum for the download to my demo track, it's in the attachment there. I need some opinions on it, I just started it today, but I think i've got a good setup this time. It's hard to get used to Trance when you're used to harder hitting music that i've been creating for years, but this one doesn't sound too bad, i'm just not sure, it's different.

Please, any feedback would be much appreciated! It's only like a 30 second preview because I haven't built into it much. But I've got some nice ideas for this one. So for those of you tired of my electro and all the hardstyle tracks i've been doing lately, this one will be a switch for you Smile

Quite a bit of work still, but the basics and tempo I have set, and a good rhythm.
Here's my newest version (no need to download) it's on my SoundCloud account as a live preview here: