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Full Version: Favourite Movies of All Time?
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I'm really getting into watching movies lately, (due to having no social life haha), so as well as you guys sharing your all time favorite movies, you'll be helping me out with some new stuff to watch.

I'm just about to watch Citizen Kane which was recommended to me by my animation tutor for the story line, so I'll let you guys know what I think about it afterwards.

Obviously I'm a big fan of all the Bourne films.
I recently watched The Butterfly Effect which was fantastic.. Although slightly disturbing at some points.
Animation wise, I'd have to say The External World (although only 17 minutes long), is by far my favorite at the minute.
I won't get into Comedies as I think they're pretty hard to judge. If they make me laugh then I like them, whether the story line is good or not.

So anyways, recommend me some movies & post your favorites of all time!
When i ran my own "watch movies free online" site, i got a nice amount of views, before i stopped. I watched just about every good movie that was out in that timeline. I like action movies, comedy movies, and loads others. Especially Xmen.
I liked The Butterfly Effect, but you already seen it...

I'm a big fan of Sci-Fi and fantasy Movies and so I will start with this genre...
My favorite movies of all times are, Bill an Ted's Excellent Adventure and Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey, and I must say that the first part is the most realistic movie on time-travel, you'll see what I mean whn you watch them handle the time and space, and my favorite quote; "How's it going, Royal ugly dudes!" Big Grin

V for Vendetta, this Movie has an amazing story line, and shows what I'm telling people since I formed a rebel state of mind, that the Government can't do crap if all unite.... But again you probably seen it.

Zardos, a twisted Movie, you just need to see it...

I could continue pointlessly, just tell me what you're into and I'll recommend you Movies on that topic...

One last though, The Hudsucker Proxy

edit: You might wanna take a look at this list;
Though probably you as I, already have seen them most...

Truman Show
Cheers Gajin, I've already seen all of the movies you mentioned apart from The Hudsucker Proxy, so I might see what that's like.
(09-22-2011, 08:05 AM)Fragma Wrote: [ -> ]Cheers Gajin, I've already seen all of the movies you mentioned apart from The Hudsucker Proxy, so I might see what that's like.

Movie is amazing, be warned, it has a deep meaning in i's storyline which most don't realize, that's why it didn't really got good critics...
Anyway, it's hard to suggest good Movies, as mostly these have already been seen...
Is it a good movie? i MIGHT attempted to watch it. I dont watch too many movies anymore.
I think you all might have seen my favorite movies,They are

2.All Animation movies basically
6.Twilight series
7.X-Men Series
I prefer watching films about war.
Films like Gladiator, 300, Spartacus, Saving Private Ryan, etc are all my favorite films.

And some of the occasional comedies are decent Tongue
1. X-Men Series
2. American Pie (All Parts)
3. Scary Movies (All Parts)

All are good movies to watch.
X-Men Series,
Yes Man,

There's a lot more, too many to remember and list.
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