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Full Version: Threads and Posts Suggestion
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I was thinking if the space below the header had an options

[Image: klkl-1.png]

Like this photo, so you could see who replied in the threads you post in, and "Your Threads" Kind of like HF.

I know we already have view new posts, I mean new posts to threads you made or posted in.
Omniscient will be adding the feature "View your threads" as time goes by.

The site has only just begun and it's not needed just yet.
Been suggested already and he plans on adding it later as you don't have to many topics to follow yet ;).
This has been suggested.

Go to your usercp, it's there.
I'd love to see a plugin that allows you to view threads with new replies that you have posted in. I know that you can just subscribe, but it'd be a lot easier to see them all in a list so you could just right-click, open in a new tab, and be on your way, WITHOUT having 50 new emails.
yea i figured he would add the one he has on HF, but to have the link at the top instead of cp, where you could see all replies to topics you created or posted in.
Yeah I would also like to see an option like this, as it would make things so much easier when looking for your previous posts.
Yeah, this is very helpful feature which I don't see on many forums.