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Full Version: php write to mysqli database
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I am making a program in delphi.. its a network game/chat thinggy written completely out of boredom for the lol's that ended up becoming a more serious project. it has the typical client/server communication but here is what the program does

1) - Delphi application has a WebBrowser1 component embedded displaying the Index.PHP page of Server

2) - Now on the Index.PHP page their is two textarea's. "user and pass" with a button "login". however, my application will have a menu with an "options" dialog, that will display the option "Log in automatically" which will cause WebBrowser1 to automatically fill out the two textareas and click the button which logs user information and proceeds into the chat/game room.

Now 99% of the program is coded. I have programmed everything else required and left the two parts I am stumbling on for last and now I am asking for help. its funny cause my problems are kinda nooby but really pissing me off. and google searches show similear problems/tutorials but never wut I am looking for...

I need help with

1) - Getting Webbrowser1 to automatically fill in textareas and click button (I got the click button to work but thats it)

2) - when the "login" button on index.php is clicked. it writes the login time and IP to the database. I have the time and IP part of the code, its just I am having trouble writing it to a database, (and reading both values) I was guessing about splitting them into arrays but I dont want to confuse myself anymore than I currently am, I hope I explained my problems well and I hope I get awnsers. would be glad to return a favor =D
Good luck. You should post progress logs!
Good Luck! Hope it all works out.
Goodluck here mate, just don't give up and stay with it!
Nice tutorial, good job in the thread.