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Full Version: Nothing to see in here
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Yes, the obvious question is, "then how are you posting this?" I'm on my phone. For some reason I can't login to SF. Whenever I yet to login it says that I have incorrectly entered too many times and now I have to wait twelve minutes and five seconds. It is always twelve minutes and five seconds.

So I click on 'I forgot my password' and I go through the various steps but when I try to login with my new reset password it says that I have entered an incorrect password too many times and I have to wait twelve minutes and five seconds.

What is going on here? I want to get back on SF. I cannot think of any reason why I would get banned. I haven't done anything worth being banned. Can a moderator or someone in charge help me out? Please?

EDIT:Strange, this issue was resolved. It seems that logging in on my phone fixed the problem somehow.
Erh glad to see you fixed this issue, you may want to use the contact button next time instead of making a thread.
Oh, believe me, I did that. No help there.
It tends to take a while to get a response back. Just be sure to only send another form after a week.