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Full Version: i hate doing the right thing, yet i still do it
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i was in an empty school waiting for my drivers ed session. i was bored so i went into a bunch of classrooms looking through the teachers desk. in one of them, guess what i find? a bunch of 20 dollar bills. it was the damn jackpot. so for the next 5 minutes i was pacing quietly back and forth while i kept thinking to myself "just take it, no one will see". i ended up NOT taking any and just walked out. so im all pissy now because i blew a wonderful opportunity to take what looked like 300$.
I'm the same way to be completely honest with you. Just think about what the other person would of felt like if about 300$ would of gone missing though? It's not like your life has changed at all because you didn't take it, you're not 300$ short, you're simply where you started =)

Yes you could of been 300$ richer, but it would of meant doing wrong to another who would then be 300$ poorer. It's better that you just left it there and did the right thing, besides who knows...there may of been cameras and stuff o.O lol
You made a good choice. As Kom said, you didn't lose anything. What if that was the money the teacher would use to pay for her childs medicine and without it the child would die.

Your thinking that you just lost a chance to get $300, but you should be proud of yourself and think how happy the teacher would be knowing you didn't take anything.
You made the better choice. If somebody would notice it that you have the money, you would be fudged. Just set yourself into the situation of the guy, if he notices that $300 are away. I was in such a situation too, its allways better to let it be.
You made a great choice, don't feel bad that you did the right thing, feel good! It's really nice of you to do that, I know others including myself who would of gave in to temptation.
You did the right thing, which is the good thing. You shouldn't hate doing the right thing, one time a police officer dropped his wallet, I was going to take it but, I decided.. no, that wouldn't be the right thing to do, so I walked off because someone else came by and took it

I was about, 10, and at a football game, and it was a cop.
You did a really nice thing.
I'm really proud of you man.!
you did a good choice your life would probably be hell if you took it right now
Doing the right thing in life will usually lead you to better things my friend. !
You did the right thing. If you took all the money, how do you think the owner would feel?
You'll never know if all that money is for charity or for something the owner needs.