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Full Version: How to Make your MYBB Central Plugin Compatible with new Mybb
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First of All go to Your File manager in your Cpanel

An find your Plugin file

Click edit an find the following:

return array(
        "name"        => "MyIPN",
        "description" => "MyIPN Paypal Subscription",
        "website"     => "",
        "author"      => "Jesse Labrocca",
        "authorsite"  => "",
        "version"     => "2.2",
        "compatibility" => "16*"

Change the: "compatibility" => "16*"

To your forum Version and it will work!!!
Already loads of these posted on mybbcentral website.
Should be able to be self-discovered by forum owners whom really desire for a specific plug-in, but thanks for sharing.
Not Many people Go to Mybb central, Easy enough For them to know but...