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Full Version: [TuT] How to Bitmine! [Please rate!]
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Nice tutorial.

Gonna try this out.
Nice job. This is how I do it.
i dont get it.. can somebody explain plz?
Thanks for the video, its way easier to watch then to read lol
don't understand what its Bitmine??
(08-21-2011, 09:28 AM)Evisu Wrote: [ -> ]don't understand what its Bitmine??

The OP already posted a link explaining what's Bitcoin and mining, please check it out:

It's basically a digital currency.
nice tutorial bro, I say 9/10.
WTF you just taught us how to extract a folder to destop, open the application and press start. Why's everyone saying great tutorial?
Sweet video, I love the intro! Did you make it? What program?
Nice tutorial Smile I can actually try this now.
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