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Full Version: Don't know what to do.
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Simply put it, there's this girl in my class and I've liked her for a few months now. She and I are friends, but we're not to close. Just friends. I don't know if I should tell her I like her, because she doesn't really seem the "dating" type. I don't know what she'll say, and I don't see much of a point. Schools going to end soon (summer) and I don't know if I'll see her again. I'm 13.

Pretty much don't know how to say it.
*Just gotta love anonymous forums.
I can talk to you later on AIM. If you want to talk PM me. I am great with social advice.
Can't PM right now, need 10 posts. Sad
Wanna just talk on here till then?
Lmao. Just tell her there nothing to be scare of.If she say no just don't talk to her and make her jealous.
Talk to her and throw the idea in her head. If she turns you down there are plenty of fish in the see.
Just go for it, you don't lose anything. Like seriously, you're 13 ...
I'm just wondering how to say it. "I like you" bluntly would just turn it into a really awkward moment.
I just sent you a private message with my AIM in it. Feel free to add me.
You don't only have to say that you like her. You can change it up by asking her on a date.
I don't know man. One of my old friend once liked this chick. I went and asked the chick if she liked him. She said no only as a friend and I told my friend that but he didn't listen. He asked her out and she said no and they stopped talking. If I was you I would just go with the flow. If you want to be together with her. I'm sure it will happen.