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Full Version: What are the best headphones?
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I wanna know what you guys think is the best headphones out, doesn't matter what the price is, just I wanna know what is the best as in, sound-wise, quality, and base.

Also don't say Beats by Dre, because I have them and they are not even that good.

Please post a picture also, I don't wanna see the name, and I have to go Google them, I want to see them upfront.

I'm on my phone right now, so can't post a pic(don't hate me)
But I've used skull candy's for awhile n liked them. I bought some xtreme xplosives by JVC
& they seem to be alot better! Sorry I can't post a pic, but here's a link
They look alright, I might try them.

Thats what i would say are some of the best headphones are. Studio quality ;)
In the OP I said I already have beats and they're crap.
Gaming: Sennheiser pc 350
Bass: Genius HS-04V
Design: Random Skullcandy headset

Enjoy Smile
Have you tried the Bose Quiet comforts? I really enjoy mine. The sound quality is great and alot better than the beat by dres sound quality. Normally the only nock is the hefty price that comes along with a pair of these head phones. Great nose cancelling head phones too.
I know you said Dont say Beats. But my friend has em, they are amazing. I think they have different kinds, i dont know. But his were 300+ and look different from others ive seen. I love them.

But for gaming, like headsets, Tritons or turtle Beaches.

for regular headphones for your iPod, use Skull Candys.
G35 I love it Tongue

are 3 amazing trust worthy headphones.

Get studio or dj headphones they are amazing ( im a dj so i know )

dont get skull candys they are cheap and crap.
they breack easily also

i think the off brand beats by dre are better :|

also if ur looking to not spend alot of money
ariel 7's are good
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