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Full Version: [HOT] How many Facebook or other website Friends do you have??
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As the title says, post a picture or type in how many online friends you have Smile

Here is mine:

[Image: friendsgs.png]

I am to tired to make a photo, so i just say it. I have 133 friends on FB (i know each of them in RL).
Nice Smile
I've got 350 friends on facebook, I know around 200 IRL.
Thats how many friends i have: Friends (243)
i have 478 Friend and im not proud of it. I played mobsters2: vendetta 2 or 3 years ago and added alot of guys i didnt know to increase my ingame strenght. now im gunna delete everyone i dont know in RL Smile
Not bad, anyone else?
Vänner (387) - x)
I only use facebook and i have around 2587 friends
Friends (587)

I know everyone IRL, maybe not to some of the people that added me.

I changed alot of schools! Tongue
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