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Full Version: [HOT] How many Facebook or other website Friends do you have??
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I currently have 169 friends on my Facebook. I only talk to about 20 of them though. The other 149 just annoy me with their stupid posts.
I think I should start using FB more.
[Image: u6jpj.png]
I don't use facebook a lot.
I just got myself now 458.
I went and added every one i knew
I have a fake account with over 1000 friends. :p

Actually, I used to use it to spread my affiliate link.
To tell you the truth I only have 3 friends. Sad
I have about 600, i'm to lazy to post a picture.
I have 477 friends on facebook.
I have 296 friends on facebook. Sorry too lazy to post picture.
166 FB friends, speaking with ~10 of them tho
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