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Full Version: Moving, Need Financial Help
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Please note, I am not asking for money sent to me but it would greatly help.

SF, I am going to be moving from Southern California to Oregon. I need approximately $600 for everything.

I need your help, I don't want help like in the Money Making forum. I need quick results, with decent amounts, no ad clicking, download sharing etc.

Please give me some ideas I can do. I have a part time job, but that may not be soon. I have about $60 saved up. I need to get out of here soon.

Thanks for any help, and if you want to help directly through Paypal or something, PM for my info. I am mainly looking for ways I can do this myself though, so any help would be greatly appreciated!
Depends on your experience and qualities to what you can do.
Something anyone could do is something like cutting neighbours lawns, washing their cars or having a car boot sale.
Sell random crap on ebay and try to trick people into thinking it's something else but without lying! Big Grin
What is your time schedule, like how much time do you have before your departure?
I managed to sell some crap I had lying around that I couldn't take with me because of size. I managed to get down to $200 left. I sold my TV and a small telescope for $400. I got nothing else of value. I want to leave my house ASAP. So my time frame is wihtin a month. I need $200 people! Quick ways? I like the ebay idea, cutting lawns... people here are rich and my family is poor. They can afford gardeners -_-
How about tutoring? That's a great way to make some money Smile. Dumb people ARE good for more than just politics.
(04-27-2011, 10:59 PM)bytem3 Wrote: [ -> ]How about tutoring? That's a great way to make some money Smile. Dumb people ARE good for more than just politics.

Time is an issue, as well as the general economic situation of where I live, plus my knowledge is spread over several subjects and I don't know enough in one area to effectively tutor.

I'd offer dog-walking or sitting, but I have to gain trust of the people around here and post flyers which means I'd have to wait for them to call me.

I'm stuck Sad still open for any ideas!

Nice politician crack to XD
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