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Full Version: No "Search" button ?
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I just wanted to search for something I just read, and I couldn't find the search button... hehehe Pinch
You see the magnifying glass at the top, that's the search button.
Oh ooops sorry...... I was actually searching for some text that said "SEARCH" BlinkBlink
theres not even that much content yet!
you shouldn't have to search, unless you completely forgot what it was about!
The search button is located at the top buddy with the other buttons. Thanks.
That's really an old thread from '09.Mad

Stop bumping so old threads!
(08-21-2011, 10:32 AM)-Revolution- Wrote: [ -> ]There is a search button now !
I used it now !

Quit bumping old threads, this one's from 2009... Look at the post before yours