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Full Version: im on my tv
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pretty cool takes forever to type though.
Why is typing affected?
Because I use my remote control to type.
(03-14-2011, 07:58 AM)Cybr Wrote: [ -> ]Because I use my remote control to type.

I see, and I sympathise, lol.

It's like older cellphones, where you use 2 for abc, 3 for def, 4 for ghi, etc. with some delay time.
Is your TV hooked up to your PC, or is there an internet connection running through your satellite?
Surfing the web with your TV remote must suck. D:
On the other hand that would be amazing for youtube. Thumbsup
Nope, my TV is connected to my modem's wireless gateway.

It's pretty hard, but I wouldn't say it sucks. It is good for Youtube. (: